Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eco birthday

En el árbol

So I didn't really try it, but it seams that my mother's birthday gift turn out very eco-friendly.

It's a pair of vintage Corelle plates, and a mini tote for her cell phone with my son's picture on it.

Papel de regalo

Wrapped in a bag that she won't trow away.

Regalo de mi madre

(Pictures are awful, I haven't find my camera's charger, hope to get better ones tomorrow)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is Spoonflower?

Spoonflower is a site where you can print whatever you want on fabric.

You can also share you fabric designs.

 Or even sell them and have little comision.

This is how I put my kid photo in a gift for my mother.

You can chose the fabric you want yours or others designs printed (organic cotton, linen and more).

Bolsa sushi

There is also design contests where you can win store credit and a flickr group.

Telas de Spoonflower 

It's so much fun!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sewing birthday gifts

June is full with family birthdays, so I prepared myself ordering from Spoonflower this fabric with my babe picture on it.

Bolsa para el celular

I like challenges when it comes to sewing, to make my best to fulfil specific needs. So my mom needed a cell case, because in the one she has right now she put hear earphones too, but scratch the screen, so I made an external pocket for it.

Bolsa para el celular

She likes zippers, I avoid then, because I'm not good at sewing whit them, but I this one end up good.

Bolsa para el celular

It also has a hidden strap to carry it as a mini purse so she can have it around the house.

Bolsa para el celular

I also add my Chicobag hook because my mom love hooks.

Bolsa para el celular

 I also made a butterfly tote and a baby sling for my cousin birthday but my camera did not have batteries.

Porta bebé
Bolso mariposas

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Identifying our first

It's so exiting to identify birds, we got our first approach at this art when we went in the trip to the PEX, and now we are more interested and it's great to see Itzcoatl getting interested too.

There are a lot of birds to watch in Costa Rica and there is a lot of resources to make it easy, like cards, books and even a CD with the voices recorded, we got the disc today and we were able to identify the Pitangus Sulphuratus, Great Kiskadee, we have seen many times, but it's nice to be able to call it by his name and also to relate the sound to the right bird.

This is the book we have, it's really good.
And this is the CD, also very good.
Costa Rican Bird Songs - An identification guide