Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We are back

En Cahuita
We had the visit of my partner for almost 3 weeks, so we went to the beach to one side and the other, Pacific and Atlantic, it was very nice, but I also enjoy to be back on the regular routine.
Trazando de nuevo
We are back with the teaching, I don't try to make my home into a mini school, but I'm trying to respond to my son's big interest in learning to read and write, I think if I were more desalinated, he will be reading now, however there is not rush, and we are back in track now, I have been looking for free worksheets for his age on the Internet without good results, they always look to ugly or have advertise, like Disney or other, and I didn't like them; but yesterday I found two good sites, this one, with a lot of nice working sheets, and this one were they can practice online, if you don't pay you can only make one exercise a day, but I consider it enough.
And there is also the working sheets I made myself, so we had our time this morning, and I measure the time (which I have never done before), and I realize we have 50 minutes of concentration con activities, which quite good and good information too for planing activities.
En Cahuita
Have a good week all of you.

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