Thursday, August 19, 2010

My menstrual cycle

Since I took the course  Ciclo Femenino y Fertilidad Consciente, by Yeztli, I have been much more aware of my cycle.

Curso ciclo femenino

I wish I had knew much before what I know now about it, we are so influenced to consider it annoying that we don't release the beauty on it, we try to stay on a very balanced emotional state since to be changing is associated in a bad way with being with a women, and so we don't see the opportunity that is to have a cycle to start all over very month, and the course open my eyes to that.

Mis lunas

Even when I have been taking register of my cycle since I was a little girl, I always took note only of the first day of it and its duration, but with my new knowledge  I was able to determinate my ovulation day, and there I found a pattern, as you can see in this Moon Calendar the orange moons that are my first day don't show anything, but the blues do, and this gave light even about one long period I had (34 days), that was the changing from ovulation in new moon, to ovulate in full moon. And the ovulation day is almost the same day of my period, no matter how much it last. This has help me to not to use any artificial anti conception medicine, which may harm my health.

December 2009 30 days, ovulation on day 13.
January, 29 days, ovulation on day 10.
February 27 days, ovulation on day 13.
March 26  days, ovulation on day 15.
April 27  days, ovulation on day 12.
May 29  days, ovulation on day 12.
June 34  days, ovulation on day 13.
July 30  days, ovulation on day 11.
August 30  days, ovulation on day 13.

Mi ciclo

In this process I have been able to identify the different moods  I go through from super cleaning before ovulation, to hipper sensibility to cold during ovulation, to bad mood before my period, and finally to the presence in present during my menstruation, the increase of perception and the connecting with my kid, that I get to only this time at month, is a time of slow down and calm, to heal all wounds.

  So, it's crazy that this has been with me for 19 years and it was just so recently I found out, how do you live your menstruation?

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